Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Here I Go Again

I don't know why I've attempted another blog. The last one got eaten because I refused to pay for it (if you're at all curious, you can find remnants of it here) and the one before that I just kind of forgot about after a little while. Yet there's something inside of me that is urging me to document my mundane existence, so hell, let's just run with it.

Had a lovely, low-key little New Year's Eve in Kingston with Rob, Lindsay, Jenny, Kem, Robin, Mitch, Jo, etc. Spent the better part of the evening drinking cheap wine, eating chocolate fondue, and making sardonic remarks about the retro videos being showcased on Muchmusic. Which was a relief, because I almost always find NYE to be as stressful as Christmas (and this year was no exception. Something about the anniverary of the birth of Jesus causes my extended family to loudly squabble about politics. It's really fun.)

I didn't plan on making any new year's resolutions, but Daphna has resolved to be a hotter Daphna in 2004 - I may join her and strive to be The Hottest Sofi I Can Be. Oh. And maybe I'll, like, recycle more and help orphans and stuff.

(Now playing: "Rebel Radios", The Wooden Stars)


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