Friday, January 09, 2004

...And Get a Real Job

I got a haircut today. My first in three months. I usually get it cut more often than that, but in October I somehow wound up paying $70 (!!!) for one without my knowledge or permission. I am the type of person who will not spend $70 on anything - shoes, jeans, a sweater, rent - so you can imagine how appalled I was. Therefore, I decided to wait as long as possible before getting another one. That haircut still works out to costing me just under $25 per month, though.

Today's haircut was much cheaper, and it's pretty cute, I think. It's shorter than it's been in a long long time and I look a bit like a lesbian, but that is essentially the story of my life so I'll deal with it. Hairdressers have a tendency towards blowdrying, round-brushing and hairspraying my hair until I resemble a Power Puff girl. Today was no exception, but all was well and good after I went home and washed out the suck.

This afternoon I went to Chart and interviewed Jose Contreras from By Divine Right, a band that I have loved for many years in its many incarnations. Super nice guy, that Jose Contreras. BDR just got back from a tour of China, and he had some fun anecdotes to share. I may post an excerpt of the interview when I get around to transcribing it. Also, I may not. On an unrelated note, I suspect he was maybe a little bit high.

Finally couriered my application to Concordia's Graduate Journalism program, after a couple of snags and a small-scale nervous breakdown. (I pity/applaud anyone stupid/brave enough to apply to grad school while still in school.) One down...

(Now playing: "French Diplomacy", Boy)


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