Friday, January 23, 2004

Of Montreal

I recently got back from a 2 1/2 day trip to Montreal to visit Liz (and, to a lesser extent, Melissa and Alex). It was a much-needed break from work and life and grad school applications. If I wanted to go to Concordia before, my desire has quadrupled after my visit to the possible-city-of-my-future. Here's why Montreal is cool:

-beautiful old architecture
-more delis and cafes per block than would ever be neccessary
-beer bongs
-freakishly attractive, well-dressed people everywhere
-French signs, French menus, French bookstores - years spent in French immersion started to come back to me (but only a little)
-I know at least FOUR people who live there. That's DOUBLE the amount of people I know in Toronto!
-just a cool vibe, all-around

In other news, I'm a legitimate music critic all of a sudden.

How in the hell did I wind up in the company of Nicholas Jennings, Howie Druckman, Ben Rayner and Bill Welychka, you may ask? I believe it is a combination of sheer dumb luck and my rare gift for making people believe that I know far more about music than I actually do.

(Now Playing: "Wellington's Wednesdays", The Weakerthans)


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