Thursday, April 21, 2005

I Can't Go to Either of These Wicked Shows on Friday Night (But Don't Let That Stop You)

If you happen to be in Toronto:

Montreal's amazing Les Sequelles, who were among my Top Ten Fave Shows of 2004, will be shaking things up at Sneaky Dee's. (Pick up "Tes Chansons Cruelles" or be very, very sorry.)
Stephane Plante (left) makes me happy to be a woman.
Brought to you by the fine lads at Bring 'Em On In.


If you happen to be in Hamilton (although god knows why you would be):

Go for The Orange Alabaster Mushroom.
Stay for The Saffron Sect.
Trust me on this one.

Attend either of these sure-to-be supremely awesome shows and exceed your daily recommended dosage of yummy mod boys.

In the meantime, I eagerly await next Friday's Garage Rock Championship Match, which will pit the menacingly fierce Tijuana Bibles against the mop-topped, rake-thin and slightly pallid Midways.


(Now playing: "Psychotic Reaction", Count Five)


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Why did I read this post two days too late? Motherfu...

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