Monday, August 30, 2004

So Succexy

I just got back from a photoshoot for Chart with Emily Haines (oooh!) of Metric and Adam Gontier from Three Days Grace. The shoot was for an upcoming issue featuring Canada's sexiest musicians. And good lord, thems is sexy people! Even before hair (Marc freaking Anthony! I was ashamed of my borderline mullet...) and make-up (Sharon Hughes from Cargo), they are both freakishly attractive.

Emily's much smaller than I had imagined, and has an effortless, pixie-esque sort of beauty. Adam is a healthy, strapping lad with great hair and a fantastic everything else. (Rob - he's from Peterborough!) They were both pretty good sports about answering the fluffy questions I had for them, and I had fun helping Emily put gold glitter and vaseline on a frock to spell a certain word (pick up the issue in October to see which word). It was like grade three.

I need to figure out how to become a quasi-famous rockstar, and fast. I want Marc Anthony mussing with my hair! I want a bucket of Cargo cosmetics slathered on my face! I want a cool wardrobe to choose from! I want I want I want!

Um. But it would be all about the music, of course.

(Now playing: "All Dressed Up", Thrush Hermit)


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