Friday, May 28, 2004

Movin' On Up

This week has been a mad frenzy of laundry, packing and socializing. I used to think I didn't own very many clothes. I now realize that I was wrong wrong wrong. How did I manage to acquire this much shit over the course of a mere 23 years? I don't understand it. Attempting to be very Philip Glass about packing and am only taking that which is absolutely necessary, which is pretty hard. My CD shelf and hundreds of CDs are staying in Scarborough. I am only taking 35 essentials.(Narrowing it down was a brutal task.) My stereo stays here, as my computer plays CDs. All of my sweaters stay here. Every book but one (Miss Wyoming, Douglas Coupland) stays here. Even my DESK will stay here; it's too big for the van and my room. I'll have to find one at a Value Village over there. In conclusion, I have altogether too much crap and packing is stressful.

This past week, I rammed in a lot of goodbyes. Dinner with Ben on Tuesday. Bata Shoe Museum and the AGO with Lindsay on Wednesday, followed by dinner with Lindsay, Liz, Carolyn and Lee (and an Avril Lavigne sighting). Thursday was shopping with Dhimo and Alison, followed by dinner at Jack Astor's, which provided a pretty funny sight gag (I ordered the World's Smallest Chocolate Mousse for dessert and Alison ordered the Colossal Sundae. My mousse came in a shotglass and her sundae was roughly the size of a basketball. I ended up splitting it with her, of course). Today will be Family Funday, consisting of visiting extended family and bonding with the immediates. Then, tomorrow morning at 6AM (!) my parents and I will leave for Montreal. Forgive me if I don't update/email you for a while. I'll be spending the weekend with the folks, and after that there is no guarantee that I will have internet access right away.

I've been waiting for this for so long. I can't believe it's finally come.

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Blogger Albino Squirrel said...

I give Sofi three months before she caves and has her CDs shipped out.

I tried living without them once, too. 40 (2 minibinders' worth) is never enough.

4:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any idea who this is?
Ironically I typed "Ryerson Blog" into Google to see if any of my friends/people I know had blogs, and yours came up!
So you're not going to Ryerson? I myself just finished there. It was... "Ryersony." Both good and bad...
Anyway, best of luck with everything.
Any idea who this is yet?
Hint #1: You saw me at the big Stones Concert last summer. I was working there and you mocked me.
Hint #2: I'm a Stoopid Head.
Hint #3: Think Mac Sofi, come on!

Okay, it's Rick Moldovanyi. From Mac. Remember Mac? Yeah, I'm trying to forget high school too.
Hopefully you remember me now, DAMMIT! (=
Anyway, hope all is well.
Drop me a line if you care to:
Bye dear...

- Rick

2:31 PM  

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