Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Love You, Alice/D = Modern Equivalent of White Rabbit?

My wrists are feeling a lot better (praise be to my physiotherapist!) so I hope to update my blog a little more frequently from now on.

I've had an action-pact few days. Nick and Wendy's wedding was on Saturday (wedding 2 of 4 in '04) and although it was kind of surreal (Nick was in my grade all through highschool and looks exactly the same as he did back then, so it was like witnessing the marriage of a couple of teenagers) it was shockingly fun. My mom, dad, brother and I had all had a few drinks and were consequently feeling relaxed and silly. My brother continuously proclaimed his awesomeness, my dad took some amount of pleasure in playing an abortion of a basketball game with balled-up rose petals and a vase full of water and my mom said the word "vagina" in public without shame. It ruled. I think my immediate family is a lot more alike (personality-wise) than any of us would ever care to admit. Too bad being sober and busy and stressed-out and crazy all the time ruins our potential constant fun.

Yesterday I had dinner with my favourite Toronto triumvirate - Katherine and Ben (+ me = triumvirate). Katherine is going back to Winnipeg today, so it was our Last Supper. Those two have made my year bearable, and I will miss our girltalk over delicious and often extravagant dinners. Ben's "friend" Jean dropped by for a while, and he was pretty great. Very genuine and smart and extremely cute. After he left, I made a surprising semi-drunken admission (to Katherine and Ben, but also to myself) that I don't think I could ever marry anyone without a chin dimple. It's true! I think I can count the number of chin-dimple-free men who I have been physically attracted to on one hand. Chin dimples are just. so. hot. (I blame this strange fetish of mine on Kirk Douglas ca. Spartacus.)

Rob (chin dimple) arrived nearing the end of our dinner, and he and I eventually made our way to the Horseshoe to meet up with Lisa, Mr. Andrew Cowan (no chin dimple) and Joan. Sadly, Joan wasn't feeling well enough to stick around for the Apples in Stereo concert, but it worked out in the end - Lisa's friend Ryan McClare (no chin dimple) decided to come so he took her ticket and bought me a beer. He and I also bonded over music, eye Weekly and Wavelength. Ryan was cool. It gave me hope that I still have the skillz to make new friends, something that has very much been on my mind since I'm moving to a new city in less than a month.

The Apples in Stereo show itself was amazing. They're probably in my Top 5 favourite bands, and I had never before seen them live, so I was really looking forward to it. I was not disappointed. They played a good mix of old and new. They also ran the gamut from their poppiest pop (Rainbow, Seems So, Please, Ruby) to more psychedelic fare (Love You Alice/D, Strawberryfire). During Love You Alice/D, Rob leaned over to me and said something along the lines of, "I can't believe I never realized this song was about LSD before." My jaw dropped, because that had never occurred to me and probably never would have had he not pointed it out. Love You Alice/D. Love you LSD. Jesumaria! I'm a naif, fo' real!

(Now Playing: Nothing at all. But I'm singing "Love You Alice/D" substituting the Alice/D with Sofi/P.)