Friday, April 23, 2004


Aside from my vision and my poor wrists (diagnosis: tendonitis) going straight to hell, I'm worried that working in an office for a year has also caused a slightly larger problem in my overall well-being. I'm just not very interesting anymore! It's true. I can't hold up my end of a conversation. It's scary. The other day, I hung out with my friend Angela from Queen's. Ange is cool because she saved my life in 2nd year (literally as well as metaphorically) and she waters her plants with an I.V. drip. Anyway, so we were catching up over dinner. She had been doing most of the talking because her life is actually cool and exciting (she works in a hospital doing respitory stuff and she's getting married in September) but kept trying to get me to talk about my life:

Angela: So! Tell me! What's new?
Sofi: Duhhhh....the finale of The Apprentice was pretty good.

Hopefully this is just a temporary thing and going back to school will kick-start my brain and social skills. These gimpy fingers of mine are certainly crossed.

Here is some free advice for all: do NOT participate in or even GO to a wedding one month after the end of a relationship of yours. There is nothing more depressing. Bill & Jenn's wedding was stunning and sophisticated and beautiful, but the gorgeous flowers and sumptuous seafood course and the My Big Fat Greek Wedding band and elegant organza dresses sort of faded into the background while Sofi's Self Pity took the mainstage and threw some bottles into the crowd. Late in the evening they played a lot of slow songs. I promptly went to the bar and shot some Bailey's. And then I got some wedding cake. And then I acquired more Bailey's and sat down at an empty table and ate the cake all alone and watched all the happy in-love couples dance to Unchained Melody or something equally corny and weddingish. Once tipsy, I got a bit upset and - taking my cake and Bailey's with me - marched right up to my mother (dancing cutely with my father) and loudly proclaimed, "Booze and cake are MY boyfriend!" She laughed a lot. I nodded solemnly, marched away, and finished eating my boyfriend.

This is about all the typing I can handle for now. I'm looking forward to buying some speech recognition software this weekend so I can update more frequently and start writing things (emails, articles, stories) again. That will be nice. I'm a little worried, though. I tend to think best through my fingers, not through my mouth.

(Now Playing: "Hindu Times", Oasis. Which is causing pretty crazy nostalgia for the summer I worked at the Used Bookstore in Kingston.)