Saturday, May 15, 2004

Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire

If I were magically granted 3 wishes, I would distribute them as follows:

1) Peace on earth (as usual)
2) Riches beyond my wildest expectations (also as usual) and
3) A record deal for The Salingers

Seriously. Those Salingers boys are ridiculously talented. Some of the best songwriting I have ever heard and some solid musicianship to boot. Not too shabby for a few guys from Queen's University. Eat your fucking hearts out, Bedouin Soundclash ! You too, Matt Barber! You won't be pretty forever, Matt Barber! That's right.

Were I an A&R type (and alas, I am not. But I'm working on it), I would have signed them last night at the B-Side. Were their performance a complex mathematical equation, it would go like this:

The Salingers = The Beatles + The Strokes + The Who + Franz Ferdinand x 4 + complete and total hotness + they give good hugs + severe make-out-ability - fuck, they have hot girlfriends + I don't care, check out Chris Hickey's killer dimples + awww, are their moms/dads sitting over there? + they covered Hendrix without sounding like a lame highschool cover band + what was that song? Did they write it? Holy shit, it was awesome! + dude.

Anyway, I wish them all the luck in the world and I sincerely hope that they "make it" so I can tell everyone that I lusted after them way back when.

I slept a grand total of two hours last night, due to the jungle-like heat and humidity of my bedroom. I threw my window open to get some air circulation, but loud chirping woke me up at around 5. The early bird can absolutely go to hell. I'm pretty sure my apartment in Montreal is A/C-free. However will I cope?

I went to the Clothing Show today (after waiting in line for nearly half an hour). It was kind of underwhelming and struck me as being rummage sale-esque. Mainly old crap that I would get rid of were it in my closet. Granted, there was some cool stuff like this hot number but it was few and far between amidst the costume jewelry and ugly old lady scarves.

Sometimes I wish I were a fashionista, but it looks like so much work.

(Now playing: "You're Giving Up", The Salingers)


Blogger lindsay said...

i am intrigued to hear the sallingers and i am a dink for missing them on friday. put 'em on a mixed cd for me, sofi-darling! that would be delightful. also, have you heard the new hayden? so great!

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Daphna (who is too lazy to open an account)
Fashionista? From the Sofi who cried when her friends wanted to throw out the green plaid? My, how times change. You don't want to be a fashionista, we don't want you to be a fashionista. Just be Sofi, but with killer $27 lip gloss. Also, I feel obliged to post (anywhere, and this happens to be the "where") that I have food poisoning and my boyfriend took the night off work yesterday to make me soup and keep me company while I was sick.

4:28 PM  

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