Sunday, July 11, 2004

Chinchilla Deluxe

Holy shit, I haven't posted in forever! I'm turning into Seth over here!

My excuses include, but are not limited to: massive amounts of work, Cameron is visiting for a few days, and it's just so bloody nice out.

Today is Liz's birthday! Happy birthday, Liz!

We are celebrating by going to Santropol for lunch, followed by another afternoon at the Tams (AKA Tam Tams AKA Tam Tam Jams), which is this cool hippie-throwback drumming circle/dance party/picnic/love-in that happens in Mont-Royal park every Sunday afternoon. Yet another neat Montreal thing that would never fly in Toronto.

We had a party in honour of today's birthday girl in our apartment Friday night, which was pretty great. I feel that I am an excellent matchmaker. I pat myself on the back.

I'm throwing a birthday party in honour of myself this coming Saturday, and am a little anxious about it, since our downstairs neighbours are already pissed at me for Friday (among other things). I will bake them some chocolate chip cookies pre-emptively in the hopes that they don't call the cops. Anyway, it should be cool. I intend on getting completely smashed - something I haven't done in what feels like a very long time. My initial plan was to drink an entire 2-4 by myself - in celebration of every year spent on this planet - but then I realized that that is a really fucking stupid idea. Especially since I'm a 3-beer-drunk.

Last night, Cam and I went to see By Divine Right (with opener Jessie Stein, who is precious, and Sire) and it was such a party. I wasn't drinking at all but I danced the night away. Usually I'm the stoic who jams my hands in my pockets and shakes my head at the crazy dancing girls. Last night, I was one of the crazies. It was very very very very very very fun. I need to let go and totally lose my shit more often, I think. Also, Darcy Rego was Dylan Hudecki's replacement for the show (on account of Dylan getting married), so we chatted for a bit. Darcy remembered me from GW-Palooza and was exceedingly nice. He has lots more hair now.

After the show, we went to Reservoir and met up with Aaron Klopp and Mel, who I haven't seen in close to three years. It was a nice little Golden Words reunion. Seeing people who I haven't seen in a long time makes me happy. Especially if they are essentially the same people that they were Before. It's kind of comforting.

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re: les tam-tams:



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Blogger Sofi said...

We actually SAW the Zurich-looking motherfucker there today. He was carrying a toy snake and was wearing a shirt and NO PANTS.

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