Friday, December 17, 2004


This is probably the last extended holiday I'll ever get to enjoy before joining the world of the working adult. So I'm milking it, babies. Social calendar CRAMMED!

Wednesday: Bonded with Susan, who I haven't seen since the summer. Bonding included shopping, dinner and a kick-ass Woody Allen double header (Annie Hall, which is one of my favourites, and Manhattan) at the Revue Cinema.

Thursday morning: Helped supervise a field trip for the kids in grades 3 and 4 at Grenoble P.S. to see The Polar Express. The horrendous film destroyed all of my fond childhood memories of that gorgeous, haunting book. The kids seemed to like it, though.

Thursday night: Went to potentially socially awkward videoFACT party. Managed to have an alright time, due in no small part to my charming companion, who is definitely in the running for the title of coolest boy in the world.

Friday: Christmas shopping with Alison in the afternoon. Also, I just got back from a lovely dinner with Lindsay, Lee, Katherine and Ben. They are my favourite. Whenever we get together, I laugh 'til I can't laugh no mo'. So much fun was had that I've already almost forgotten the fact that my bill came to more than I normally spend on groceries for a week. Ouch.

Next week: Ben's 24th birthday, fun with Tony, Mike O'Neill at the Horseshoe with Lisa and Cowan, and Christmas! Holy shit! How do I find the time to sleep?! I don't even know!

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