Friday, November 19, 2004


Last night, we went to Orchid.

I now remember why I prefer comfortable, smoky, urine-soaked pubs to dress-code-in-effect meat markets. In fact, if I am ever again tempted to go the dance club route, I am going to come back to this post and remind myself why I would be better off going to Reservoir or something:

  1. Really bad music with throbbing basslines so persistent that they made me want to hurt somebody. Badly. Possibly myself.
  2. A multitude of cheerleader skirts that barely cover no-no areas.
  3. Bathroom conversations that sound like this: "Sarah,hon,thisismyfriendTammy.Heyhow'sitgoing?Cool.HeyAdamishere!NOWAY!Ohmigod,whyishealwayscomingbackhere?Didyouseetheskankhewaswith? Forrealshewenttomyhighschoolandshe'sthebiggestho,
  4. "Drink specials all night long!" translates into Blue Light = $0.50 cheaper than usual.
  5. Boys with chains and gelled hair who smell like cigarettes, musk, and formaldehyde. (These are not your potential future boyfriends, Sofi. Stay away. Far away.)

In much happier news, I got a surprise cheque from Chart today. It's for a substantial sum, so I think it was probably for the uncredited work I did on the Sexiest Canadians feature last month. Needless to say, I am no longer bitter that I was uncredited. Now I can buy groceries AND pay December rent! Awesome.

(Now playing: "Good Enough", Mike O'Neill)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Orchid! HA! I ended up there once last and it's nice to know that it hasn't changed one bit. My experience went like this:
Me: A gin & tonic please.
Bargirl: It's two-for-one drinks until midnight!
Me: Two gin & tonics please!
Bargirl: That'll be $9.50.
Me: Whaa....fine.


4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my Gawd, there are soooo many cute hunks at Orchid that were totally killer BF material. Did you see the fab pecs on the one who was high on coke? No...the other, not him, the one in the black shirt...nevermind.
How do you get the hunk of your dreams to notice you? Girl, you need a makeover! Just wear a skirt that requires two haircuts, a shirt that shows off 40% of your boobs and dance in a way that would make a stripper blush.
O.M.G! C U @ Orchid nxt Fri? D.M.Y! L.O.L., T.T.Y.L, B.F.F!


2:02 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

potential future boyfriends? no

potential future ex-husbands? hell yes!

everyone needs to get their starter marriage out of the way early

2:20 PM  

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