Saturday, May 28, 2005

Mini Jupe et Watusi!

Tonight, I finally understood how people can just completely lose their shit when - ohhhh, I don't knowwwww - a L'il Bow Wow or L'il Jon or L'il whoeverthefuck song comes on at a bar. I might think it's garbage, but they love it so goddamned much, it physically overtakes them.

When Mimi La Twisteuse played "Les Filles" by Charlotte Leslie and "Rouge Rouge" by Christine Laume and "Ah-Hem-Ho-Uh-Errr" by Christine Pilzer (although I requested that one) tonight, I very likely embarrassed myself and my companion by singing along, chair-shimmying, hand-gesturing and basically just being too too into it.*

A far cry from detachedly bobbing my head or quietly tapping a foot at an indie show.

Anyway. Next time around - no martinis for Sofi. (Or maybe just one.)

I hope I made Deena's night. I should have chatted with her a little more.

This is a very disjointed post.

I am very disjointed.

I'm glad Gedge mentioned to me that the scene was somewhat lacking. I was a little disappointed. Expected some form of moddy utopia and got a smattering of hipsters and a bunch of fratboys (one of whom I worked with at the same summer camp in 1998), but I suppose I am relatively new to this particular "scene" and should not judge so harshly. Besides - fratboys can enjoy '60's Francophone pop songs too, can they not?

I was almost certainly born too late.

Note to sober self: Wear fishnets in correlation with cute skirts more often. Like, all the time! Time not spent in fishnets is time wasted!

Image hosted by

This chick's hot. Her music's even hotter.

(J'suis la roller girl.)

(Now playing: "Attention Au Garcons", OP4)

*Feel free to gmail me if you want the mp3 to any of these amazingly fun songs. Guaranteed to get your ye-yes out!


Blogger ikk said...

Fishnet thigh highs are totally where it's at in dressing (and feeling!) uber-sexed. Can you believe they banned those from my work place? How am I to make tips?

11:33 PM  
Blogger Sofi said...

As an alternative to banned fishnets, get a pair of those sheer dark hose with the black seam up the backs of the legs (like they used to wear in the 20's and 30's before the war broke out and then had to draw the seams on with eyeliner.) You'll still look super hot, but less hoochie. I love mine and wish I had more occasions to wear them.

Fuck socks, dear friends. Expensive stockings henceforth!

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you allowed to wear fishnets over other tights? Black fishnets over hot pink tights is good. Beige over brown, etc. What work place banned fishnets?


7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Deena's blog on myspace:

After a whirlwind trip to NYC a couple weeks ago (which you can read about in my other blog), the Rock and I did another fill-in for Christian on CIUT. Last Friday at the Bring "em On In shindig, currently T.O.'s only real '60s night (where Mimi la Twisteuse was, a young lady came up to me and asked, "Are you Deena?" I replied in the affirmative and she offered me high praise: "You guys are so much fun on Dementia 13!" I was so stunned (how the hell did she recognize my classic "face for radio"???) that I forgot to ask her name, but I'll be sure to acknowledge her on the air next time we get to do a show.

There ya go.


4:46 PM  
Blogger Sofi said...


5:23 PM  

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