Sunday, July 10, 2005

I've Got Beach Tar on My Feet

"J'ai pas d'argent, j'ai pas de chance, j'ai pas d'amis!"*

That's not entirely true.

I may be totally broke ($10 in my pocket, $2.17 in my bank account, about $1400 owed to my parents, Bell Canada and VISA - please hurry up, Thursday!) but I still managed to have a good time this weekend.

That being said, I present:

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The Bee's Knees Guide to Having Fun on a Tight Budget
  • Spend Friday night watching a movie in bed with your one true love. In my case, my one true love is Zach Braff. The movie was "Garden State", which I'd never seen. I borrowed a screener copy from work for the low low price of free. Cost: $0
  • Have a delicious three course dinner at your parents' house! (Happy anniversary, mom and dad! I hope you never find my blog!) Cost: $0
  • Check out a fab lounge singer (who also happens to be your cousin) at a bar in the west end. There will be no cover. Your cousin's lovely fiance will pay for your soda. After last call (when you're starting to get a bit peckish), a weird and creepy stranger will come off of the street and offer your table free pizza. You will all eat a slice (it will be delicious). You will worry about poison after it's too late. But...hey hey! Free pizza! Cost: $0
  • Spend a gorgeous Sunday afternoon playing (an abortion of) volleyball at the beaches. Get a tan. Get 3rd degree sand burns on the bottoms of your feet. Get soft vanilla ice cream which tastes better than anything in the world on a hot, sunny day. Cost: $2.50
Total cost of weekend: $2.50.

Moi, j'suis une fille responsable.

(Now playing: "Sunny", Dressy Bessy)

*with apologies to Jacques Dutronc


Anonymous Benjamin said...

(Happy anniversary, mom and dad! I hope you never find my blog!)

I hope your parents never learn how to google. (Google yourself (first and last names), your blog is the first hit.)

6:17 PM  
Blogger Sofi said...

I doubt it'll be a problem.

My mom still asks me if I can help her "download" her "internet mail thing".

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is only one Sofi Papamarko, at least if you take the first page of hits as conclusive proof.


6:00 AM  

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