Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Reason #2139089 Why My Value Village Rules

Scarborough isn't entirely bad. While I hate it with a passion, I have to admit that it has its advantages (aside from the free food and the $0 rent per month, I mean).

Scarborough Value Villages are very special. There are treasures to be found within their dusty walls. Scarborough Value Villages are not heavily picked over by hipsters. The customers of Scarborough Value Villages tend to be elderly Italian housewives hunting for mu-mus and yellowed (but cheap!) table doilies.

Anyway, that's why I find rad shit like authentic 1960s houndstooth skirts and hard-to-find Canadian music and fun dresses and records like this:

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Uh, hello! It's freaking AMAZING!

Does anyone want to start an amateur burlesque troupe? Because this puppy is just going to waste while I shimmy in my room.

Volunteers? Come on! I know some of you bitches are just dying to shake your sparkly pasties to Night Train!

Oh - I also got two somewhat scratched Mini-Pops records, so I can finally forgive my parents for giving away all of my K-Tel kiddie tapes the moment I hit adolescence.

(Now playing: "Arthur Lee", The Woggles)


Anonymous Daphna said...

Dear Sofi:

1) The terrorist plot was stopped, so it is STILL SAFE TO FLY.

2) I totally want to join your burlesque troupe!!!


9:23 PM  
Blogger Sofi said...

If we don't wiggle our tits to hot instrumental numbers THEN THE TERRORISTS HAVE ALREADY WON.

10:27 PM  
Blogger feygele said...

Victory Secret
If you don't buy lingerie
The terrorists win

(More for Daphna than you, Sofi, but I think everyone can appreciate this truthful haiku.)

3:24 AM  

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