Saturday, March 27, 2004

I Feel Pretty

After work today, the lovely Miss Chelsea kindly met up with me for Mission: Sofi Makeover. I'd been trying to coerce her to help me out for a little while, because a) she is a freaking cosmetics guru and also b) I haven't seen her in something like 4 years - not since before she and Matej moved to Prague. It was fun and girly. I bought this amazing lip/cheek stain and Cargo lip gloss in Machu Picchu . Spent far too much money, but I'll just have to live with myself. (I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.) Oh, and I got semi-lost coming home from the subway. I took the wrong bus for the first time ever and ended up in Nowheresville. Which was pretty scary, since my parents were in Collingwood today and I had no one to bail me out. I eventually found my way with the help of a kindly, attractive francophone TTC driver. Gold star for him.

I just watched the series finale of Sex and the City, and I am not ashamed to admit that I bawled like a little girl. Honestly, best show ever! Anyone who is scoffing at my love for it has obviously never watched more than one episode.

Alison and I went to the Fox and the Mirkin Ball or something on Thursday night. It was a sad excuse for retro night, and we enjoyed watching the very obviously underaged jailbait parade about in their off-the-shoulder shirts and acid-washed jeans. Alison is super. I'm happy that we've stayed friends, and that we can talk about more than just highschool. By the end of the night, my cheeks literally hurt from laughing/smiling so much. Awww.

A conversation with Rob about men's ties prompted me to remember something. When my brother and I were like 10 and 11, we bought our dad a vinyl inflatable shark tie from the Zoo for his birthday or Father's Day. It was probably a pretty hideous tie, but we believed it to be the greatest thing ever. The cool thing is that dad wore it all the time. Every time we went out to dinner and sometimes he'd (pretend to?) wear it to work. I think that's a cool thing for dads to do. I hope I remember to wear any and all of the ugly, tacky shit that my kids make/buy for me.

(Now playing: "Let's Go", The Jessica Fletchers)