Thursday, December 30, 2004

Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens

Musical year-end lists are maddening, but necessary. Mine has changed pretty much every day since the beginning of December. Considering it's almost the last day of 2004, I should really post My Definitive List:

Fave albums

1) Mike O'Neill, "The Owl"
2) AC Newman, "Slow Wonder"
3) Morrissey, "You Are the Quarry"
4) By Divine Right, "Sweet Confusion"
5) DJ Danger Mouse (+ Jay Z + The Beatles), "The Grey Album"
6) Franz Ferdinand, "S/T"
7) The Hidden Cameras, "Mississauga Goddam"
8) The Libertines, "S/T"
9) Stars, "Set Yourself on Fire"
10) The Killers, "Hot Fuss"

Honourable mentions:

The Smugglers, "Mutiny in Stereo"; Boy, "Every Page You Turn"; The Organ, "Grab Your Gun"; Modest Mouse, "Good News for People Who Love Bad News"; Hayden, "Elk Lake Serenade"

Fave songs

1) "Stay With Me", Mike O'Neill
2) "You Know I Couldn't Last", Morrissey
3) "The Town Halo", AC Newman
4) "Diamonds", Boy
5) "Almost", Sarah Harmer
6) "Come on Petunia", The Blow
7) "My Wife", Hayden
8) "Give Me the Chance to Fall", Gentleman Reg
9) "10 A.M. Automatic", The Black Keys
10) "Mushaboom", Feist

Honourable mentions:

"Float On", Modest Mouse; "Dark of the Matinee", Franz Ferdinand; "Pirate Ships", The Smugglers; "Crabbuckit", K-Os; "Andy, You're a Star", The Killers; "Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)", The Arcade Fire

Fave shows

1) Morrissey (w/ The Dears) - The Hummingbird Centre
2) Mr. Joel Plaskett, The Sadies, Jill Barber, Luther Wright and the
Wrongs, et al. - The Wolfe Island Music Festival, Wolfe Island
3) The Pixies (w/ The Marble Index and The fucking Datsuns) - CEPSUM
4) The Apples in Stereo (w/ the High Water Marks) - The Horseshoe
5) By Divine Right (w/ Jessie Stein) - Le Swimming
6) The High Dials - Cafe Campus
7) The Salingers - B-Side
8) Matt Barber and Pete Elkas - Nia (R.I.P.)
9) The Hidden Cameras (with The Blow) - El Salon
10) Les Sequelles (w/ More Plastic & The World Famous Riflemen) - L'Hemisphere Gauche

Fave videos (click to view!)

1) "Don't Be Afraid", Sweatshop Union
2) "Semi-Sweet", Lederhosen Lucil
3) "World on Fire", Sarah McLachlan
4) "10 A.M. Automatic", The Black Keys
5) "Almost", Sarah Harmer

(Now playing: "Brother", The Organ)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your taste was less esoteric, or if I listed to more than classic rock, I'm sure I would have a comment about how great your list is. As always, I'm impressed that you know so much about so much.


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