Monday, August 08, 2005

All Dressed Up

Man oh man. This is rapidly turning into some form of intense photo blog. I'm extremely sorry if you're a sucker with dial-up, but you really can't do justice to pretty like this in mere words.


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Lawd a'mercy! Martha Stewart would envy such a glorious spread!

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The prom is fake, but the alcoholic flushes are very real.

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The hostesses with the

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Eat your heart out, Miss Lewinsky!

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Ratcliffe and Cowan both looked AND smelled like my uncle!

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Keep it like a secret.

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Hickey, secure in his masculinity, tries my glove and corsage on for size.

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MATT KING!!! (And Meligrove Mike.)

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Haggard and sweaty. Such stuff as magical memories are made on.

Thanks very much to the ladies of Dundonald, Superintendent Reibling, and all who made the evening a smashing success!

(I can still taste peach schnapps.)

(Now playing: "Pheromone Smile", The Dirtbombs)


Anonymous ben said...

i did't realize how much i smelled like everyone's wierd uncle untill i got home and smelled like a wet rug.

god bless value village for supplying both irony through sight and smell.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Langblog said...

hey you KNOW people from the meligroves? GUSH GUSH GUSH

I saw them with my man friend in Halifax and I was really very impressed. and they opened for cuff the duke! and they were better! GAWP!

10:28 PM  
Blogger Sofi said...

Dude, I used to ICQ with that Meligrove like, all the time! (In 2001 or something.)

Then we booked them for GWPalooza and they made fun of Matt. It was a high-larious night.

2:03 AM  

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