Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sing Me To Sleep

I've been having the most vivid dreams lately.

Writing exams with unfamiliar questions. Taking surreal subway lines. Lying in hazy fields with green grass halos.

A famous actor swept me up in his arms. He laughed as he kissed my legs. It was sunny. I felt like a child.

My brain has been thrown for a loop. Maybe because I have recently taken my body into my own hands. Exerting control. Finally, finally. It doesn't sound healthy, but it is. Don't you worry about me. I'll take it slow.

I've given up chocolate. It's been a month.

Maybe I'll give up alcohol, too.

I am so goddamned hungry I am borderline nauseous.

I dream in colour, did you know that?

(Now playing: "Steady As She Goes", The Raconteurs)


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