Monday, January 30, 2006

Pops & Company

While we were watching a CBC documentary on the Canadian music scene in the 1960s, my dad casually mentioned that he was friends with guitar god Domenic Troiano and sat next to Roy Kenner in the eleventh grade.


(Now playing: "Queue", Sean Lennon)


Blogger Optimus said...

That docu was SO best! But what's the deal with every former garage-rock band member wearing elaborately-patterned silk shirts and/or vests?

12:13 AM  
Anonymous Grog said...

I enjoyed it, but could've done without all the modern musos adding their two cents. The bands and the music they produced stand on their own; they don't need affirmation from today's artists to earn their "legitimacy".

Also, it would have been nice to hear/see an entire song without the annoying interruptive commentary - but hey, that's my opinion. I'm hopeful that, with all the archived footage, they (CBC?) will release DVD sets of the old rock'n'roll TV shows and concerts.

9:19 AM  
Blogger AC@43 said...

I saw part of it .. Middle, Youngest and Wife can not get into music documentaries.
I went to school with a guy who's dad was in a barbershop quartet with Gordon Lightfoot, he joined the RCAF because he felt there was no future in singing

4:32 PM  

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