Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Papa Was A Rollin' Stone

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Susan urged me to apply for this.

For those of you too lazy to click on links, it's an application to appear on an MTV reality television show. Sound a bit icky? Well...yes. But get this - the grand prize is a one-year contract as a music writer for Rolling Stone.


I frantically filled out the application form and made plans with these great guys to shoot my audition tape. When Caitlin and I met up at Shanghai Cowgirl, I gushed to her about the opportunity and told her to apply.

But sweet Caitlin, though she embraces an irresponsible rock 'n' roll lifestyle, was the levelheaded voice of reason.

"I've thought about it," she said. "But if I did get on the show, I don't think I'd ever be taken seriously as a music journalist again."

From the mouths of babes, people!

I don't want to become the Ryan Malcolm of music journalism. So I did not and will not apply.

Just in case I regret this decision, here is a list of very sound reasons why I decided against it:

  • Reality TV? Gross!
  • I would never again be taken seriously in the industry, whether or not I was victorious.
  • If I won, other journalists would shun me because I did not adequately pay my dues.
  • New York City is fun for a few days, but would be really scary to live in. While I love its amazing energy, the place hardens you.
  • I would have to postpone my trip to Europe. Fuck that noise!
  • Toronto is full of good things. Family, friends, super awesome boy, thriving music community, plenty of writing opportunities, etc. This city has never felt more like home than it does right now.
Maybe someday we will be together, Rolling Stone.

But not yet.

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Blogger lindsay said...

ok, ryan malcolm came into the office the other day... and i ROLLED MY EYES. caitlin is smart - you'll clearly be a rollingstone journalist but you'll do it the right way. :)

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meh, I actually think you could do better. Rolling Stone was rad in the '70s but now...meh. I bought that one with Evangeline Lilly on the cover and it made me want to eat my own head.


11:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was lang, by the way...BLEGH!

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Yeah, that Caitlin's got a head on her shoulders. I got your email about this a while back, and for the record, the reason I didn't reply was because I was lazy and forgetful. But I read it and I knew that it wasn't for you.

I mean, there are people who line up at the trough for their chance to be famous for a few minutes, and there are people who work towards success and can claim to have earned it once they've achieved it. You're already well on your way down the second path.

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Also, Lang: Have you, um... Have you been by your old blog lately?

4:33 AM  
Blogger Sofi said...

Lang loves the porno!

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Evidently, yeah. I mean, I didn't want to say anything, but look at her go.

10:12 AM  
Blogger caitlin h. said...

i am honoured to be your levelheaded voice of reason! even if i did just get back from traipsing through four east-coast states with a rock band (thus worrying my parents sick that i'd been kidnapped by musicians).

i thrive on my irresponsibility!

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, my blog's gone totally pron now = PFFT! But I gotta say, i think it's an improvement.


1:10 AM  
Blogger /hg said...

Silly girl... you should have applied.

And then told them to get bent and laughed in their faces. That sorta shit can keep you cheerful for months.

11:36 PM  

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