Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Whoop, there it is!

Concordia University
Journalism Department
March 16, 2004

Dear Sofi,

Congratulations! On behalf of the journalism admissions committee, I'm delighted to invite you into the Graduate Diploma Program for 2004-2005. You are part of a select group chosen from the largest applicant pool I've seen in my tenure as graduate program director, so pat yourself on the back...

Nee hawwww! I'm going to Montreal! This sweet victory is made even sweeter considering that they only accept 22 students a year for the post-grad journalism program. Word. I'm all elite and shit. Anyway, here's to a year of smoked meat, cafes, Leonard Cohen sightings, bilingualism, bagels and binge drinking! Many thanks to all for their kind words of encouragement and congratulatory emails/phone calls.

Aside from the acceptance (woo!), not a lot going on right now. I got a new pair of glasses today. They make me look like a grown-up/boffable librarian. Who falls down a whole lot. I'm still getting used to them, so my depth perception is a little...off.

For those of you who go/went to Queen's, I suggest you read this post from Tavis' blog. It's pretty freaking hilarious if you know the girl in question.

(Now playing: "Wet Blanket", Metric)


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