Friday, October 01, 2004

Pop Goes Montreal

Pop Montreal makes me feel a bit like a kid whose three best friends are having birthday parties on the SAME DAY. You know you've got to pick just one party, but you can't help wondering what the others were like. And if you made the right choice.

The party I went to was nice, anyway.

(Pocket) Luke Doucet, Pete Elkas and Cuff the Duke were excellent as expected, although their sets ran a bit short. Luke's was basically the same set I saw him play at the QP two years ago. Pete's was the same set I saw at Petit Cafe Campus last month, and Nia in Toronto in August. He wore the same cream corduroy jacket, too. Good God, Pete! Mix things up a bit, won't you?

Mommy and Daddy Elkas were there too, cheering him on. That was cute. Daddy Elkas looks like every uncle and great uncle I have. Very Hellenic and proud. I wanted to talk to the Elkases and say something along the lines of: Hello! My name is Sofi. I am a nice Macedonian girl from a good family and I most certainly continue our womenfolk's legacy of excellent cooks and solid child-bearing hips. Why, is that your son over there?

Exciting indie can-con celeb sighting: Rob Benvie, before camoflaging himself and disappearing into the night. I stared at him all creepy-like.

Anyone catch the presidential debate? How'd that turn out?

(Now playing: "Long Winter", Cuff the Duke)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the debate was the best party of the night in town! john kerry was super hot! my party was better than your party!

- priscilla!

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sofi, darling, if you ever go up to Mommy and Daddy Elkas and say that, you will be my new hero. Seriously.

Also, I will send you an email with my oh-so-insightful views on the debate. I will leave you with my two favourite Bush quotes:
*You know, it's hard work to try to love her as best as I can. Bush givin' some lovin' to the widow of a soldier, P.J., who was killed in Iraq.
*We're facing uh... a, um... a...., uh...... a group of folks......... who have such....... hatred in their heart, they'll strike anywhere, with any means the "....." denotes really long pauses. Also, "groups of folks"!!
*And, finally, not an exact quote, but Bush said "Osama bin Laden, uh, I mean, Saddam."

12:03 PM  

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