Monday, November 01, 2004

Jay & Erin: A Like Supreme

Scene 1

Jay: I like you, Erin.
Erin: I like you, Jay.
Jay: I don't think I'll ever like another woman as much as I like you. Will
you...marry me?
Erin: Ohhhhhh! Of course! Oh Jay, I like you SO much!
Jay: I'll like you forever, Erin.

Scene 2

Jay and Erin (to their precocious 8-year-old daughter): Now, honey. When a mummy and a daddy really like each other, the daddy plants a seed...

Scene 3

Erin toasting Jay on their 60th wedding anniversary: Of all the people I
could have fallen in like with, I'm glad I conceded to realistic
expectations and settled for you, Jay.
Jay: Ditto, baby. Ditto.


(Many thanks to Matt for sharing that stupid, stupid ad.)

Hallowe'en was pretty fun. I went to a bunch of parties, including a too-cool-for-Vice warehouse party in Outremont on Saturday night, where I saw some of the best costumes I have ever seen (Beetlejuice, Aladdin on a flying carpet, Borat, a dead congresswoman, and a guy who looked like a lightbulb but who insisted he was dressed as "The Future") and waited in line for the bathroom for over half an hour.

As for actual Hallowe'en, our street is apparently a hotbed for trick-or-treating. I estimate we had about 200 kids come to our door. It was crazy. Although Liz had the presence of mind to buy a whole shitload of candy ($30 worth), poor Roberto had to go on an emergency run to the Pharmaprix in the rain and buy another $33 worth.

Also, I can't wait to have babies. Kids are cute as hell. Anyone want to help me out?

(Now playing: "Ethel Tripped a Mean Gloss", The Orange Alabaster Mushroom)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey gorgeous, i actually know a couple who always say, "I like you" as opposed to "i love you" because they think the word "love" is overused and that too many people throw it around without thinking of it's meaning. This couple i know, they'll be in the throes of passion, and she'll scream out, "oh, i like you so much!" or something like that . . . it's pretty ridiculous but kinda cute too . . .btw, have you been to the McCord Museum on Sherbrooke? that place'll blow yer hair back! xoxo Chrissy Estima

5:05 PM  

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