Saturday, May 13, 2006

Satisfying My Sweet Tooth

Even if you're not big into the French pop, you should really see this:

I'd only ever seen the France Gall/Serge Gainsbourg "Les Sucettes" duet, which is perhaps the most sexually tense few minutes ever captured on film. So this was a new one for me. And it is unbelievable.

Background: Dirty old Serge wrote a pretty ditty about a girl who enjoys sucking "lollipops". He had sweet little France (who was only eighteen at the time) sing it.

The poor thing had no idea.

Thanks to Thierry for sharing this fab video!

(Now playing: "Les Sucettes", France Gall)


Anonymous benjamin said...

The poor thing had no idea.

How could she not know?!

Noone knows dirrty like the French!

12:51 AM  
Blogger Sofi said...

I think she was just really naive/sheltered.


[France Gall's] first hit had been «Sacré Charlemagne», released the previous year. But when she appeared on television, lollipop in hand, singing Gainsbourg's «Les sucettes», both of their careers went through the roof. Ostensibly the song of a young girl who loves anis flavored lollipops, «Les sucettes», in reality it was a vulgar joke made fully evident when Gainsbourg recorded the song himself. «Annie aime les sucettes / Les sucette's à l'anis / Les sucett's à l'anis / D'Annie / Donn'nt à ses baisers / Un goût ani / Sé quand ell'n'a sur sa lange / Que le petit bâton / Elle prend ses jambes à son corps / Et retourne au drugstore.» Once the joke was explained to Ms. Gall, she never worked or spoke with Gainsbourg again!

8:24 AM  

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