Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ow! My Freakin' Ears! Eyes! Wallet!

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I have crap vision. I have had crap vision ever since I was a kid. I attribute this to genetics...not to mention reading picture books under the covers using a toy Gloworm as my sole light source.

Without my glasses/contacts, everyone resembles a brownish area with points. No fun.

I went to the optometrist today. My eyes haven't gotten worse, but I decided to get brand new lenses placed in my old frames. They're a little scratched up since I've dropped them bunches of times and wipe them on my jeans and such.

The damage was $330. Plus tax.

That's for new lenses. Nothing else. No frames. No contacts. LENSES!

Were I not a goy, I would have plotzed.

I kvetched, though! Bow howdy, did I ever kvetch!

In the end, I surrendered the plastic and that was that.

When/if I ever have children, the genetic lottery will likely determine that they'll have crap vision just like mom. I'm not so good with the math, but let's say inflation pushes lenses to $500 in 10 years time. Add $300 for frames on top of that. That's $800. Per person. Per year. $2400 a year? Good god!

Laser eye surgery seemed pricey before. It sounds like a bargain now.

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Anonymous benjamin said...

Sofi, my dear, alevay* you weren't a shiksa. But, since you are goyish, I give you permission to plotz with the best of us. I'm farshadet^ by the cost of your lenses. Sadly, I'll be taking my overpriced frames back to the shop soon - the coating/colour is flaking off and I've had them less than a year.

The lenses/glasses industry, ganef!º, is laughing gleefully.

*roughly: if only it would happen
^ distracted, dazed
º thief/crook

6:35 PM  

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