Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Action Pact

In order to counteract the vaguely depressing post below, I will now list off some fun, happy things that are making me smile.

  • Buying a Morrissey cassette I have never ever seen before at my local drugstore for 99 cents. It was next to Linda Ronstadt's Greatest Hits.

  • There is a distinct possibility that I might be living with Valerie and Liz in Montreal next year!

  • I'm going to see pretty pretty Matt Barber play tomorrow night after having dinner with Hilary. I will likely present him with a gift of cinnamon hearts.

  • Having a fancy dinner with Lindsay, Katherine, Ben, Lee and Don on Friday night at a sooper secret location. Ben insists that the dress-code is "casual fabulous".

  • I have found a grown-up signature fragrance! It is called Connexion by Lancome (click the link at your own risk - yikes, I'm one of THEM now) and it is lovely. It's like the smell of my skin and some foreign flowers (Rob or really anyone: shiny nickel if you can pin that lyric). No more Calgon body sprays for me!

  • The snow is melting and it's still light out at 6:45PM.

  • I'm finally seeing The Salteens and Sekiden on Sunday afternoon, possibly with some excellent company.

So that's nice.

(Now playing: "Let Go of Your Bad Days", The Salteens)


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