Monday, March 08, 2004

I See Fine (Young Men. Named Pete Elkas. On The Subway.)

After work, I got off the subway at Don Mills like I always do. As I walked up the stairs towards the buses, a young man was descending to my left.

This was my thought process:

1) Holy shit, that guy is stunningly beautiful (this is holy shit-worthy only because Don Mills station is a haven for ugly).

and half a second later...

2) Holy shit, that guy is Pete Elkas!

Unwilling to let any opportunity to make an ass of myself in front of a hot musician pass me by, I turned around (for he was now behind me) and called,

"You're awesome, Pete!"

(I have absolutely no idea how loudly I shouted after him as I was wearing headphones at the time.)

Anyway, I am not at all embarrassed by my "shout out" since I was rewarded with a gorgeous billion watt smile, given freely by a benevolent green-eyed Greek God who walketh among us. (At Don Mills station, of all places.)

Oh Pete Elkas. Oh my. You make me happy to possess a uterus.

(Now playing: "Still A Flame", Pete Elkas)


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