Wednesday, March 17, 2004

We Put the High in Highschool

I hereby pronounce By Divine Right's Jose Contreras to be the nicest, coolest boy ever. I did an in-person interview/photoshoot with him today for Chart's "Stylin'" section, and he is warmer and fuzzier than the crazy toques and scarves he is so fond of sporting. He is also mellow although surprisingly quick-witted, keeping all of us in stitches with his zany antics and hokey Sears Catalogue poses. Also, he has a very endearing smile. The icing on the cake was getting a big patchouli-scented hug from him at the end of the shoot. Hmmm. Methinks I have another rockstar crush. Screw you, Pete Elkas! I am a fickle fickle girl and am jumping ship. Jose all the way? A-OK!

On the way home from the shoot, I was so brimmingly full of happy Jose vibes and goodwill towards men that I bought a homeless man some lunch from Tim Horton's. I've never done that before. He was very gracious and said, "You don't know how much I appreciate this." I don't know what I said to him. Probably something stupid. I should have asked him his name, but I didn't. Anyway, I'm not mentioning this to be self-righteous. I'm just letting you know that very few things in this world feel as good as making somebody's whole entire day, so I suggest that you go ahead and do that. You don't necessarily have to feed a homeless person. It can be something even simpler, like perhaps giving someone who really needs it a patchouli-scented hug.

Tonight, Alison and I saw a movie (Spartan, which was alright. I find David Mamet's dialogue kind of clunky sometimes, and he's often clueless at developing realistic romantic subplots/relationships. Otherwise, it was gory and unsettling and vaguely intriguing and it made me hate America and their media spindoctoring and their filthy FILTHY lies), ate chicken wings at an empty Shoeless, and bitched about stuff (as we are wont to do). We also reminisced about highschool. It's astounding how little I remember about that time in my life since it wasn't all that long ago. Memory is strange. I hope I don't lose my university memories five years from now as they were quite a lot better.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Give 'er to your liver.

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