Wednesday, July 28, 2004

24-Hour Party People

I've finally gotten around to posting some pictures from my birthday.

Toronto and Kingston contingent - feast your eyes on my Montreal friends!

Montreal friends - be warned: your picture is now floating around on the internet! Soon, your head may be shoddily pasted on Christina Aguilera's semi-nude body using Microsoft Paint! Oh, the infamy! Oh, the glory!

My parents are coming to visit tomorow for an indetermined length of time (uh oh) and I am going to be a pseudo-lesbian this weekend in celebration of Divercite (Montreal's Pride). Fun updates will surely follow after the weekend.

Katie and Joslyn are unable to contain their end-of-semester excitement. Posted by Hello

Gaelle, giving Steve a whole lotta love. Posted by Hello

Mel and Alex defining the toothpaste ad grin. Posted by Hello

Someone forgot to inform me that the dress code was strictly pink shirt. (Photo credit: Steve Faguy. Thanks, Steve!) Posted by Hello

Phil, Marie, Tam and Sherwin. Posted by Hello

Enjoying my cakes and my bitchaz. And my painful but pretty and sparkly birthday tiara. Posted by Hello

Catherine and Christie baked me cakes! They are my GIRLFRIEND! (Note that there are exactly 24 candles). Posted by Hello

Lukas being a coca-cola wuss. Sofi being classy and showing Peterborough how it's really done. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I've Got a Prostate the Size of a Honeydew and a Head Full of Bad Memories

I saw a guy on Mont-Royal today who looked and dressed just like Maury Ballstein (AKA Jerry Stiller's character in Zoolander). It was extremely awesome. I wonder how many hours he spent fluffing his chest hair this morning.

My summer semester is winding down and I have an exam tomorrow, followed by a weekend of drunk at Liz's cottage. So I won't be updating substantially for several days. My party pictures should be developed by Tuesday, so I'll post some good ones then.

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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Katie gave me this birthday card. I think it's pretty keen. This is a bit of a photo-posting trial, too. If it works, expect birthday party photos posted within the week. TECHNOLOGY! YES! Posted by Hello

I'm the Birthday, I'm the Birthday, I'm the Birthday, Boy or Girl!

I throw a kick-ass birthday party.
Unfortunately, my neighbours wholeheartedly agree. I think I'm going to need a pretty stellar PR person to mend the massive rift last night caused.
I learned something new, though:
If you combine a whole bunch of chocolate cake chunks, wine glasses, beer dregs, napkins, chips and bottlecaps in my sink, in the morning the combination smells exactly like my mom's Christmas rumballs.
See? Older AND wiser.
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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Chinchilla Deluxe

Holy shit, I haven't posted in forever! I'm turning into Seth over here!

My excuses include, but are not limited to: massive amounts of work, Cameron is visiting for a few days, and it's just so bloody nice out.

Today is Liz's birthday! Happy birthday, Liz!

We are celebrating by going to Santropol for lunch, followed by another afternoon at the Tams (AKA Tam Tams AKA Tam Tam Jams), which is this cool hippie-throwback drumming circle/dance party/picnic/love-in that happens in Mont-Royal park every Sunday afternoon. Yet another neat Montreal thing that would never fly in Toronto.

We had a party in honour of today's birthday girl in our apartment Friday night, which was pretty great. I feel that I am an excellent matchmaker. I pat myself on the back.

I'm throwing a birthday party in honour of myself this coming Saturday, and am a little anxious about it, since our downstairs neighbours are already pissed at me for Friday (among other things). I will bake them some chocolate chip cookies pre-emptively in the hopes that they don't call the cops. Anyway, it should be cool. I intend on getting completely smashed - something I haven't done in what feels like a very long time. My initial plan was to drink an entire 2-4 by myself - in celebration of every year spent on this planet - but then I realized that that is a really fucking stupid idea. Especially since I'm a 3-beer-drunk.

Last night, Cam and I went to see By Divine Right (with opener Jessie Stein, who is precious, and Sire) and it was such a party. I wasn't drinking at all but I danced the night away. Usually I'm the stoic who jams my hands in my pockets and shakes my head at the crazy dancing girls. Last night, I was one of the crazies. It was very very very very very very fun. I need to let go and totally lose my shit more often, I think. Also, Darcy Rego was Dylan Hudecki's replacement for the show (on account of Dylan getting married), so we chatted for a bit. Darcy remembered me from GW-Palooza and was exceedingly nice. He has lots more hair now.

After the show, we went to Reservoir and met up with Aaron Klopp and Mel, who I haven't seen in close to three years. It was a nice little Golden Words reunion. Seeing people who I haven't seen in a long time makes me happy. Especially if they are essentially the same people that they were Before. It's kind of comforting.

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Thursday, July 01, 2004

True Patriot Love

The following post includes 97% Canadian content:

I celebrated Canada Day by eating birthday cake with Ben, Andrew and Alex. Unfortunately, that was the extent of my partying-down-ness. I've been so bogged down with schoolwork, it's ridiculous. I don't understand why the program is so intensive during the SUMMER when it's nice out.

I severely want a watch tan. It hasn't happened yet.

I should perhaps mention that I had a very interesting election night. Our print prof had us cover it live, and file the piece for the following morning. It was a late, crazy night. I hung out in the Liberal campaign office in my riding and drank their beer (Labatt Blue? Wouldn't Rickard's Red have been more appropriate?) and followed that up by attending the Bloc Quebecois victory party with Paul. Definitely something to behold. Bloc supporters are a fascinating, insane breed. The noise and energy was akin to a sporting event, and their blind fervor for Gilles Duceppe was akin to devotion to a cult leader. The creepiest thing about it was how easily I could have been swept up in the excitement. "Vive le Quebec Libre!" I wanted to shout. Lots of real media-types were covering Duceppe's speech. Some of them looked younger than me, which was a bit depressing.

You should pick up the July/August issue of Chart, with the Beastie Boys on the cover. My very first full-page feature is inside. I'm proudest of the "Sweet on You" sidebar. It reminds me of the stuff that I used to write for Golden Words. I honestly can't believe I can get away with that kind of shit in a real magazine.

I don't want to do anymore schoolwork. I don't want to do anymore schoolwork.
I don't want to do anymore schoolwork. I don't want to do anymore schoolwork.
I don't want to do anymore schoolwork. I don't want to do anymore schoolwork.

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